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At last - August 28, 2010

It`s done. I can`t believe it.I`d like to thank everyone for their patience.

The waiting`s over :) Bri

July 5, 2010

We will never know

Thought it might be of interest to people to know more about the song-writing process; at least how it works with me. I`m very lucky. I wake every day with music in my head. Somtimes it`s songs/melodies I know and like, but a lot of the time it isn`t. Ideas can also come at any point during the day. Yesterday morning (July 4th) I was just getting something to eat when a melody with an unusual metre (the `pulse` of the words) popped into my head. A lot of the ideas can be dismissed. They`re not all great by any means, but this was so unusual and as soon as I heard in my head the chords that would fit behind it, I dropped everything and grabbed the dictaphone. That comes before the guitar. It`s vital to get it down in case you suddenly hear other music or are called away and it`s lost forever. Once it`s safely down for posterity, it`s time for the guitar. The melody and chords for the chorus of the song were there instantly; believe me, that isn`t common ;) and I basically spent the rest of the day making sure I`d got it down…

Love that Festival…

Performing with my then partner Beth at Sidmouth. I`m playing a hand made `zook` I had made for me. It`s got such a great, unusual sound to it. Goes really well with guitar too.

Performing at Sidmouth Folk Festival again with Beth

No nerves there then!

Can`t lie about it. I hate performing solo. Obviously doing this while I was still bad with the M.E./CFS
was even worse, but it went off pretty well considering. Stayed with some kind friends who live nearby, and put me up most years I make it up there. Thanks Adje & Sharon :)

Performing at Sidmouth Folk Festival

This is incomplete. I`ll be adding to it in the coming weeks…

Best Gig

This was a  belter. The Looe Festival`s become a prestigious gig in only a few years, and we were chuffed to be playing it. There`s supposed to be a band setting up at one end while the one at the other`s playing, but the band before us broke down, and we had to rush and get our gear on, with no music to entertain people. By the time we started, there were only about 50 people left, but we played a blinder, and we ended up playing to about 400 people :)


The CD and individual tracks are now

available for digital download at iTunes

Deckchair of Destiny live at the 2013 Looe Music Festival

CD finished

Deckchair of Destiny live at the 2013 Looe Music Festival


Nice to have some new pix to add. This is Pete and I playing at the recent LostFest