Brian Trudeau


I`ve been playing Guitar since I was thirteen. Over the years I`ve kind of alternated between playing Lead and Acoustic and songwrite in many styles. I like most types of music, but enjoy playing Rock and Acoustic most. I`ve been playing in bands since I was twenty-one, playing in Jackal, and Firebird in Reading, then Stagefright, and Cry Wolf in dozens of different incarnations in both Brighton & Cornwall.
As I`ve got older it`s been more Folk, less Rock…

As Cry Wolf, we recorded a couple albums (before CD); we had record company interest, management, a promoter and a UK tour was being booked, but the band split. Same old story. Returned to Cornwall, where I reformed Cry Wolf and I also started going out doing acoustic material as Norfolk `n Good.

In 2000 I came down with M.E./CFS,  and that knocked the band on the head. For the first time something stopped my songwriting and for 4 years I didn`t write a thing. It`s lasted more than 10 years, but I`ve slowly improved, and resumed songwriting, and thank god, I`m much better now and the songs are flowing again.

During those years, I taught myself to play zouk, banjo, and last year, mandolin

Back in 2012, I  formed a new band-Deckchair of Destiny

And for 2 years we gigged round Cornwall & Devon, playing Pubs Clubs and Festivals, and were booked to go into the Studio and record our 1st CD  when the inevitable happened again and the band split. I had stopped writing solo material while in Deckchair, so I suppose a positive that came out of it was that I resumed.

Immediately following that, in Jan 2014, I got together with a guy called Pete Bowers and we`re gigging now as a two piece called `Lyonesse` , after the mythical lost land between Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
We play mostly covers, but also some original material, and play guitar, zouk, banjo and mandolin.

I`m sure we`ll get in the Studio at some point, but in the meantime,  I plan to start recording my own next CD in the Spring, and already have some tracks down, and who know`s? I just might do a few solo gigs…

Thanks for taking the time to read, Bri